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Hello there my name is Zac Zikis, and I am the mastering engineer whose ears run Zikis Mastering. Well ok, more than just my 'ears' are involved in running a mastering studio, but you get the idea!


I've spent a couple of decades on most sides of the music industry from composer to publisher, session musician to producer, live sound engineer to band leader. Now I specialise solely in Mastering music and have a wealth of skills learned from all these areas of the music industry to bring into the mastering room. I'm a self-professed geek who loves studying gear and the science behind it, but also artistically feels music as a musician. I 'lose myself' listening as a musician, and scientifically manipulate everything in the studio as an engineer to guide where the plane must land.


I am very detail orientated, a bit of a perfectionist, and not happy until your music sounds right in my opinion - which is not easily achieved as I set the bar so high for myself that it takes time. I am not going to spend 5 minutes sending your music through a brick wall limiter, smash it to hell, and tell you it's done. I take time getting it right.


Quality over quantity is my mantra. It won't leave my studio until I'm proud of it. Also with the new broadcasting standards being implemented by the industry in various ways, future proofing your music, takes dedication and understanding.


Bottom line - I care about your music.

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